Energyze Vitality

Energyze Vitality

Designed to provide instant energy and meet the high nutritional demands of the ewe during late pregnancy, providing the lamb with vital early nutritional support. 

Introduce 6-8 weeks pre-lambing and continue once lambing is complete until grass is more plentiful and additional feed energy is no longer required.  

Key features & benefits

Helps enhance lamb vigour and helps ensure they stand and suckle quickly 

Helps boost colostrum quality 

Helps support ewe and lamb health and immunity 

Helps support liver to reduce risk of twin lamb disease 

Helps repair cell and tissue damage 

Helps reduce cases of ill-thrift and CCN to support rapid lamb growth

No added vegetable fat – reduces risk of fat metabolism issues , reduces risk of twin lamb disease, ketosis and poor liver function 

Supporting ewes at lambing time

Part of our Three step nutrition solution –  read more here

Watch our video below to find out how Borders farmer, Ewan Pate has strong, healthy lambs and ewes with plenty of colostrum feeding our Energyze Vitality buckets

  • 25kg buckets
  • 100kg buckets

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