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The DairyPlus range of compounds, blends and meals has been formulated using our NutriONics dynamic rationing programme, enabling the creation of efficient and cost effective diets for all types of dairy system. Manufactured at our state of the art mills in Lanarkshire and Inverness, our DairyPlus range is available throughout Scotland and northern England. 

NutriONics takes into account how feeds perform and interact with each other inside the cow, in particular considering effective energy and protein in a fully integrated approach.  DyNE (Dynamic Net Energy) provides an accurate measurement of the energy available from the end products of fermentation and digestion and available to the cow for milk production and growth. DyNE is nutritionally balanced with NutriONics Digestible Intestinal Protein (NDIP) which is a measurement of the metabolisable protein available to the cow. This is a much more accurate and precise method of rationing and ensures that nutritional requirements are met efficiently and that nutrients are not wasted. 

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