Dry Cow Power Pack

Dry Cow Power Pack

Key features & benefits

Helps enhance rumen health and improve nutrient availability with RumiTech

Helps improve immunity, mammary health and foetal development with Pre Calver 1000

Helps improve palatability and increase feed intake with Optifeed

Helps improve liver health and reduce ketosis with protected choline

Helps improve rumen function and fibre digestion and promotes DMI with Yea-Sacc. This is crucial for the dry cow to keep the rumen full for transition

Helps reduce stress with Evo

Helps reduce the risk of milk fever and the incidences of slow calvings with magnesium chloride

Assists in protecting tissues and cells by increasing antioxidant levels with selenium and vitamin E

Feeding guidelines

Recommended feed rate 500g/head/day

  • 25kg bags

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