Dry Cow Booster Meal or Blend

Dry Cow Booster Meal or Blend

22% protein meal that includes quality proteins such as soya, protected rapeseed meal and distiller’s dark grains to optimise colostrum quality. 

Key features & benefits

Helps enhance rumen health and improve nutrient availability with RumiTech 

Helps improve immunity, mammary health and foetal development with Pre Calver 1000

Helps reduce stress and drive intake with Evo, a natural plant extract.

Helps reduce DCAB and risk of milk fever with Mag Chloride.

Helps improve rumen bug population with Yea-Sacc.

Helps to assist in protecting tissues and cells and increasing antioxidant levels with Sel-Plex and Vitamin E.

Feeding guidelines

Recommended feed rate 3kg/head/day

Or please speak to your Harbro specialist for additional advice

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