Pig & Poultry Mill & Mixing

Pig & Poultry Mill & Mixing

Reduce bought in feed costs, control diet formulation, optimise grist profile and improve performance with our market leading, state of the art on site mill and mix service. Producing feed for all stages of life, rations can be combined with our unique feed additives or minerals to maximise performance and health further including Evo, Syntek and Mono Defence.

A sustainable feed solution reducing feed miles and the need for potentially unsustainable raw materials and feeds.

Feeding to reduce the cost of production

Mixing on farm with our Tropper typically saves producers

£30-£40/tonne* on feed costs compared with compound of the equivalent spec.

On an average 500 sow unit this equates to a cost saving of £160,000/annum.

On an average 64,000 bird unit this equates to a cost saving   of £120,000/annum.

*Based on minimum order of 30 tonnes/order

An NAAC member, our fully trained operators provide a reliable and professional service.

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