Harbro Hoof Care

Harbro Hoof Care

A high specification hoof care supplement formulated to maintain hoof integrity, aid the hardening of hoof horn and prevent cracking. For all horses and ponies with poor hoof horn quality.

Feed daily for continued support.

Mix in with your horse or ponies normal feed.

Feed 100g (1 measure) per day, for all sizes of horse & pony.


Contains 13 active nutraceuticals

Hardens the hooves to prevent cracking, it is essential for hoof integrity.
Zinc & Methionine
Zinc helps to maintain keratin, the protein that holds the hoof together. Methionine is also required to improve keratin quality.
Collagen, Copper, Manganese & Vitamin C
All are essential for good bone, tendon, ligament and cartilage integrity.
The hoof of the horse needs these to support integrity and strength.
Actisaf Yeast & Toxin Binder
Good gut health and the removal of toxins that can play havoc with blood supply to the hoof and
therefore hoof integrity.
Omega 3 Fatty Acids

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