Laygold Layers Meal

Laygold Layers Meal

Keeping hens or ducks at home can be rewarding, as well as supplying your household with a regular source of home produced fresh eggs. To ensure your birds have a productive, healthy and happy life then it is important to ensure that they are receiving a nutritious and balanced diet.

Formulated for all types of laying hens and ducks, Laygold Layers Meal can be introduced to laying birds from 16 weeks of age.

Providing a balanced diet, our natural, rich in calcium formula helps to promote a vibrant yolk colour, strong shell quality and maximum egg size. Antioxidant support is provided by elevated levels of selenium and vitamin E, which help to promote immunity, health and well-being to encourage a long and productive life.

Daily feeding guidelines
Feed ad lib from a hopper
Your hens will eat around 100-130g per day to meet their energy requirements

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