Avoid infection in lambing and calving pens

Biosuper – unique dry bedding conditioner

Lambing pens can be a source of infection, and so in between ewes and lambs, Biosuper can be used as means of preventing bacterial build up.


  • Releases acid on contact with moisture
  • Absorbs its own weight in water:
    • Dries bedding and air
    • Less moisture means less bacteria growth
    • Less bacteria means less risk of navel ill, joint ill, scour, mastitis
  • Neutralises ammonia – no ‘lambing shed’ smell
  • Safe to use around animals, including newborns

Applying Biosuper

Biosuper can be sprinkled in open straw yards or in individual lambing pens, we recommend 50g per metre square (a good handful).

Biosuper can be bought from our Country Stores, or ask your Harbro specialist for more information.

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