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Alkacid is our unique rumen buffer that helps keep the rumen healthy to maximise performance and health.

It can be used in cattle and dairy diets to:

  • To balance high starch diets
  • When transitioning on to new diets
  • If signs of acidosis are seen

Trial results – cattle

In a recent trial, cattle fed Alkacid gained, on average, +350g/head/day more throughout the transition period.


Key features & benefits

  • Combination of rumen buffers, in a honeycomb structure. Means immediate and continuous neutralisation of rumen acid, giving 24 hour protection
  • Essential oils. Inhibit growth of starch digesting microbes, meaning pH is more stable and bypass starch is increased
  • Spices. Increases water intake (10%) and saliva production (185%), resulting in a greater buffering capacity



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