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The Clover range of pedigree sheep feeds has been developed by combining years of dedication and experience in the pedigree sheep world, with the latest technology and innovation. It has been designed to meet the needs of modern shepherds and their high genetic merit sheep.

The Clover range will allow animals to fulfil their genetic potential by enhancing:

What makes the Clover pedigree range unique?


Market leading advice

Our Clover range of feed is continually developing in conjunction with leading breeders and a number of our key products have been improved in line with recent trials and studies.

Our experienced team are on hand to offer expert feeding and management advice tailored to your farm, your sheep and your goals.

We can provide advice to complement expert stockmanship on:

  • When to start feeding for a show or sale
  • Which feed to start animals on, feeding routines and intakes
  • Preparing animals for a show or sale
  • Optimising the environment
  • Monitoring progress and setting targets


Key features

Our pedigree sheep range has been formulated to promote feed efficiency whilst supporting the growth and development of high genetic merit sheep. The following key features can be found throughout the range:

Reduces feed intake whilst increasing lean tissue growth and reducing fat deposition, including less scrotal fat. RumiTech is a Carbon Trust assured feed product.

Coarsely ground and gently mixed ingredients contain physically effective fibre, reducing the risk of acidosis

Sel-Plex promotes health, immunity and fertility


Omega 3 oils promote fertility and immunity as well as newborn vigour

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