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The Stockman’s Choice range of pedigree cattle feeds has been developed combining years of dedication and experience in the pedigree world with the latest technology and innovation. It has been designed to meet the needs of modern stock people and their herds and support the growth and development of high genetic merit cattle.

The Stockman’s Choice range will allow animals to fulfil their genetic potential by enhancing:

What makes the Stockman’s Choice range unique?


RumiTech has been assured by The Carbon Trust to reduce methane emissions.

By producing less methane, more energy is available to the animal, increasing feed efficiency which results in:

  • Reduced feed intakes – by up to 10%
  • Increased animal performance
  • Increased feed conversion ratio

In on-farm trials, bulls fed RumiTech laid down more lean tissue and less fat. Less scrotal fat reduces the chance of poor semen quality due to excess heat.

Maxammon has revolutionised the way we ration ruminants. Not only is it safer to feed than traditional dried cereals because of the way it increases the pH, it also allows us to reduce the quantity of additional protein needed to balance diets because it boosts the protein level of the grain.

Independent studies by international Universities have shown Maxammon:

  • Improves rumen function and stabilises rumen pH
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis
  • Improves feed conversion and performance

Rumi Defence is an innovative natural feed additive which improves the integrity of cells, tissues and organs to develop stronger, more resilient animals. Rumi Defence has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and also has a role in preventing liver damage and enhancing immune function



Every time the rumen drops below pH 6, there is a risk of acidosis and the resultant loss of animal performance. Physical ration structure is essential to rumen function and overall animal health, so we gently mix our blends and only coarsely grind our pellet ingredients. This ensures pellets have physically effective fibre, which reduces the risk of acidosis, making the feeds rumen friendly.

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