Maxammon – market leading alkaline grain treatment

Maxammon is a tried and tested soya free, alkaline grain treatment process that improves the nutritional value of the grain, resulting in a nutritionally enhanced, high protein, high pH feed. Suitable for beef cattle, dairy cows and sheep.

Simple and safe to use, Maxammon can be applied to homegrown or bought in cereals e.g. barley, wheat or straw and wholecrop.

Maxammon stabilises rumen pH and stimulates rumen microbes, enabling he rumen to work more efficiently, generating more daily liveweight gain, or milk yield from the whole diet, including forage.

  • Reduced feed cost per litre of milk/per kg of meat
  • Better DLWG, finish animals faster and heavier
  • Improved milk production
  • Improved total diet digestibility +5%
  • Reduced bought in protein usage – increasing pH and protein of grain (+30%)
  • Reduced acidosis risk
  • Soya free sustainable diet, using Maxammon can lead to feeding 3 tonne less soya per 100 head/month for dairy and 5 tonne less soya per 100 head/month for beef (grower)
  • The only guaranteed complete grain treatment


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