Harbro is proud to have the UK’s largest nutrition department consisting of degree and PhD qualified nutritionists and scientists, ensuring technical support is available when required. Our nutrition department works closely with a number of key universities and research institutes, along with running an in-house research and development programme. This ensures that we are able to bring the latest information to our customers, which can then be used on a practical level.

As part of our commitment to innovation we are a leading partner in a £35 million government funded precision farming epi-centre, which will find new ways to measure and monitor on-farm performance. This leadership means that our customers will be the first to benefit from this new initiative.

Nutritional Articles

  • BEEF - Utilising data proves the key to farm success

    3 Apr 2019

    by David Mackenzie “Tell me what you know, not what you think” was a question posed to me in a recent meeting and its resonance has stuck with me, particularly in this period of uncertainty. Many...

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  • BEEF - Fertility is the key to success at Burnside of Tynet

    3 Apr 2019

    Brothers Frank and Wilson Thomson run Burnside of Tynet Farm near Buckie in the north of Scotland. The farm has been in the family since 1837 and has grown over the generations with the family havi...

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  • Young Rider Blog April 2019: Rosa Onslow

    15 Apr 2019

    Harbro Young Rider Rosa Onslow tells us all about her recent training, and how well her horses are looking. 

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  • Happy Hens at Home

    28 Mar 2019

    Georgena Heggie at our Perth store has had chickens since she was 8 years old, and now has over 100 of them, including breeds such as Scots Greys and Scots Dumpys, which she shows, and has won the...

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  • Targeted nutrition reduces the cost of production

    18 Feb 2019

    With the growing pressures inherent within today’s pig industry, never has it been more important to optimise efficiencies on farm, as we attempt to improve production at the same time as promoting...

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  • Reducing carbon emissions in the supply chain

    14 Mar 2019

        After an independent review of evidence, the Carbon Trust has provided an assurance that: “Rumitech can significantly reduce enteric methane emissions and improve feed efficiency in dairy an...

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  • BEEF - In pursuit of the perfect suckler cow

    26 Nov 2018

    Gill and Malcolm Pye bought their 700 acre Rednock Estate in Stirlingshire in 2014. Having researched and invested in the development of an improved suckler female for the past 30 years, the site w...

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