Harbro is proud to have the UK’s largest nutrition department consisting of degree and PhD qualified nutritionists and scientists, ensuring technical support is available when required. Our nutrition department works closely with a number of key universities and research institutes, along with running an in-house research and development programme. This ensures that we are able to bring the latest information to our customers, which can then be used on a practical level.

As part of our commitment to innovation we are a leading partner in a £35 million government funded precision farming epi-centre, which will find new ways to measure and monitor on-farm performance. This leadership means that our customers will be the first to benefit from this new initiative.

Nutritional Articles

  • Lower methane emissions with Rumitech

    15 Jul 2021

    UK based Harbro has been leading the way in methane reduction for over ten years with Rumitech. Rumitech is a unique Carbon Trust validated feed additive comprised of natural essential oils which...

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  • Maxammonn - More Efficient, More Output, Lower Carbon Diet

    28 Jun 2021

    With a number of recent press articles raising environmental questions with urea based grain treatments, we felt it was imp...

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  • Improved cow margin with NutriONics

    18 Jun 2021

    Muirside, located just north of Dumfries is one of three farms owned by the Cowhill Trust where since 2018, Stuart Neish has managed the mixed unit of 1200 acres, a dairy herd, a recently establish...

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  • Maximising performance and reducing cost

    18 May 2021

      Working with Kevin Lawrie at Myremill Farm, an opportunity was identified to help the cows improve performance whilst reducing production costs utilising an increased amount of Maxammon treate...

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  • Maximise performance from home grown cereals using Maxammon

    5 Jul 2021

    Maxammon is a grain treatment process that increases the protein, pH and digestibility of the grain, leading to improved rumen performance, improved feed conversion and increased DLWG.     Tried...

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  • Sustainably Treat Grain with Maxammon (Ireland)

    27 Jun 2022

    As costs rise across all farming inputs, farmers need to look at each area of their business and make decisions about how to keep costs down. Treating home grown or locally sourced cereals can be u...

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