• Rumitech fed bulls are the key to maximising output at Garson

    23 Aug 2019

    Stewart Wood and his son Gareth run the family-owned farm of Garson which is situated on a former wartime airfield at Sandwick, Orkney.  The farm comprises of 500 acres with a further 90 acres taken on a seasonal let basis.   65 acres of spring barley and 10 acres of oats are grown for feeding. The livestock on the farm includes a 200 head flock of home-bred Cheviot cross ewes along with Texel...

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  • Maintaining cattle performance at grass

    4 Jun 2019

    By Jill Hunter, Harbro Beef & Sheep Nutritionist As margins tighten and the pursuit of efficiency continues, producers cannot afford to become complacent when shed doors are opened and animals are turned out for the summer months. Keeping animals indoors all year round is the easiest way to keep a handle on performance measures such as intakes, liveweight gains and costs. When inside, pro...

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  • BEEF - Time is money

    17 Apr 2019

    Subsidy change, environment pressure and changing consumer demands means that the UK beef industry needs a clear strategy for the future. Like every business, the need to improve output and efficiency by looking at the unit of fixed cost is the key area we have to focus on.  This can only be achieved if you establish (and benchmark) where your current output is, set a target to aim at and look...

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  • Arrange nutrition review and win boilersuit

    16 Apr 2019

    Rumen performance powered by new improved Maxammon   Maxammon is a grain treatment process that improves rumen performance and digestibility and as a result, leads to an improved feed conversion rate. With the resulting benefits including significant increases in liveweight gain as well as improved health, Maxammon can make a huge impact to the overall performance of any ruminant. At Harbr...

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  • BEEF - Utilising data proves the key to farm success

    3 Apr 2019

    by David Mackenzie “Tell me what you know, not what you think” was a question posed to me in a recent meeting and its resonance has stuck with me, particularly in this period of uncertainty. Many beef farmers are currently being posed with some hard questions regarding their businesses but often don’t have enough real data and performance information to make informed decisions. The fall back p...

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