• Improved cow margin with NutriONics

    18 Jun 2021

    Muirside, located just north of Dumfries is one of three farms owned by the Cowhill Trust where since 2018, Stuart Neish has managed the mixed unit of 1200 acres, a dairy herd, a recently established suckler herd, 1700 breeding ewes and finishing store lambs. “We are currently sitting with 210-220 cows, predominantly Ayrshires with some red and white Holsteins. The herd is currently producin...

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  • GrassWatch advice - 31 May 2021

    31 May 2021

    Grass growth rates across the UK are increasing as they have been through May, although Scotland has seen a slight drop this last week based on the data supplied from Trouw GBs GrassWatch report. Notable points from this weeks GrassWatch analysis are as follows: Grass growth in Scotland is 67kg/DM/ha/day in the last week Potential grass DMI in Scotland is 12.2kg/day and Milk from Grazing...

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  • Maximising performance and reducing cost

    18 May 2021

      Working with Kevin Lawrie at Myremill Farm, an opportunity was identified to help the cows improve performance whilst reducing production costs utilising an increased amount of Maxammon treated barley fed in the TMR. A new diet was created with our dynamic rationing programme NutriONics to maximise their home grown cereals and meet the requirements of their milk contract whilst maintainin...

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  • Grazing compound range Summer 2021

    21 Apr 2021

    Harbro grazing compounds  Our grazing compound range has been designed to achieve efficient milk from grass. Made from quality raw materials, products range from 15-17% protein offering a variety of options to cost effectively complement grass and other available forage. All products with the exception of EliteGrass contain Evo and Syntek as standard. Syntek Syntek has the following benef...

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  • Calf success at Carskerdo

    25 Feb 2021

    For the Wilsons at Carskerdo Farm in Fife, the dilemmas facing them a few years ago were no different from any other dairy business. The family had long been involved in dairying having moved from East Kilbride to Carskerdo in November 1995, with the cows following in May 1996. A long and hard evaluation of the business was made, asking “Do we expand or get out?” The decision to keep going and...

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