• EQUINE - Energy Provision for your Horse

    24 Apr 2017

    Dr Vicki Glasgow looks at energy provision for your horse and the different sources of energy available. 

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  • EQUINE - Young Riders Competition

    5 Apr 2017

    BE OUR YOUNG RIDERS OF THE YEAR! Are you a young rider aged between 16-25 years old who would love to win a year’s supply of feed and nutritional advice from our Harbro Equine Nutritionist Dr Vicki Glasgow, among other brilliant prizes? We’re looking for two riders who have a clear set of competitive goals for the year ahead, are keen to progress in their chosen discipline and who are prepare...

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  • EQUINE - Changing Season – Feed to Work Level

    24 Mar 2017

    One of the golden rules of feeding, is feed according to work done, is very important to bear in mind when feeding your horse. It is particularly important at this time of the year when the nights are getting lighter and the weather improves and workloads, very often, increase.   Feeds are generally classified by the level of work they are designed for and whether or not your horse needs more o...

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  • EQUINE - The Trouble with Spring

    24 Feb 2017

    Equine Nutritionist, Dr Vicki Glasgow looks ahead to spring and the potential challenges the horse owner faces. 

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  • EQUINE - Feeding the Veteran

    16 Jan 2017

    Harbro Equine Nutritionist, Dr Vicki Glasgow, gives some useful advice on how to feed your veteran horse. 

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