• Box Rest - Feeding the Good Doer

    22 Apr 2019

    How to feed a good doer when it is on enforced rest due to injury or illness - keeping healthy but without weight gain. 

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  • Young Rider Blog April 2019: Rosa Onslow

    15 Apr 2019

    Harbro Young Rider Rosa Onslow tells us all about her recent training, and how well her horses are looking. 

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  • Young Riders Blog: Rosa Onslow, March 2019

    7 Mar 2019

    Latest update from Harbro Young Rider, Rosa Onslow

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  • EQUINE: Winter – Reduced Turnout Time

    14 Dec 2018

    Harbro Equine Nutritionist, Dr Vicki Glasgow, gives some useful advice on how to feed your horse over winter. 

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    22 Nov 2018

    One of the most common winter time health problems in equines is colic. Colic is basically gut pain, and can be very distressing for both horse and owner. The main problem with colic is that, in the early stages, it is impossible to distinguish a mild attack from a potentially fatal one and therefore all cases of colic should be taken seriously. There are steps that we can all take to try to mi...

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