• Treating red mite

    29 Apr 2022

    With the warmer temperatures, comes the problem of red mites, which can prove to be a serious issue in chicken sheds when they reach a certain temperature. Farmlay in Aberdeenshire, one of Scotland’s largest egg production units, now routinely includes our product, Mite Not within its feed to help eradicate the mites. Following a warm summer last year, greater numbers of red mites were repo...

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  • Reduce feed costs by £40/tonne - with home mix and split feeding

    30 Mar 2022

      Reduce your cost of production With current high soya and cereal prices, reducing the cost of production should be a focus for all producers. Home mixing with the Harbro Tropper is currently at least £30/tonne cheaper than compound of the same spec. Split feeding Many of our customers are split feeding, with the morning feed including higher energy and protein for egg production and t...

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  • Save £30/tonne and an extra £10/tonne on your poultry feed costs

    28 Mar 2022

    Save £30/tonne on your feed costs with our Tropper, and an additional £10/tonne by split feeding With a recent hike in soya prices, and the cost of cereals also showing no signs of dropping significantly, any measure that can be employed to reduce the cost of production whilst maintaining performance should be explored. Home mixing Home mixing with the Harbro Tropper is currently at least...

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  • Maintaining performance during the housing order

    25 Nov 2021

    With the imminent housing order, its crucial to be vigilant of bird behaviour and take as many measures as possible to settle the birds and alleviate their stress. Such a drastic change to their daily routine can have a severe knock on effect on their health, behaviour and production. We have a diverse variety of products that can be used in this event to improve both environmental factors a...

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  • Save £20/tonne with the Harbro Tropper

    4 Oct 2021

        Investment in times of negative cash flow can be hard to justify but if investment in infrastructure costs £5/tonne but saves £20/tonne* – even when cash flow and profitability are compromised, the return on investment is hard to challenge. We’ve worked with many of our current customers that use our Tropper service to help them with the logistics and investment process of moving to mobi...

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