• Maximising early egg weight

    17 Jun 2020

      We’ve recently worked with an egg producer in NE Scotland whose goal was to achieve breed standard for early egg weight in order to maximise profitability. Having analysed performance figures and the health of the flock, diets were designed and made by the Harbro Tropper including unique Harbro additives to optimise performance.   Doug Steele, Harbro Poultry specialist comment...

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  • POULTRY - Maximising Output and Profitability to 80 Weeks of Age

    25 Jan 2017

    The cost of a pullet is the second largest input next to feed and Harbro aims to realise the full value of both. The 80 week production cycle of laying hens is widely discussed by the laying industry throughout the UK however, 18 months ago Harbro and one of their producers took on the challenge to implements new techniques,controls and nutrition to see how many quality eggs could be sold from...

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