Maintaining performance during the housing order

25 Nov 2021

With the imminent housing order, its crucial to be vigilant of bird behaviour and take as many measures as possible to settle the birds and alleviate their stress. Such a drastic change to their daily routine can have a severe knock on effect on their health, behaviour and production.

We have a diverse variety of products that can be used in this event to improve both environmental factors and to provide enrichment.

Keeping the environment clean

Biosuper is a safe and effective bedding dessicant that reduces bacterial presence by its drying effect and acidic pH, neutralising ammonia and reducing many odours. It can be sprinkled on sawdust/litter or used as a footbath.


Pecka blocks and Lucerne bales work well and can help keep birds stimulated. In particular, birds seem to like the pulling action of extracting straw from the Lucerne bales, which serve the secondary purpose of supplying a valuable source of roughage.

Reducing stress with Evo

Evo is a neuro-sensory feed additive that interrupts the stress impulse in the brain. Scientific trials and results on farm show it increases feed intake, with a resulting increase in performance. It has also been seen to reduce aggressive behaviour as it has a calming effect on the birds. Not only does it improve flock health and performance, but it also reduces sawdust costs.

Evo can be added to both water and feed and can be included in our poultry supplements and compounds.


On farm success

Craig Grant in Aberdeenshire is a firm believer in Evo and keeps it as a constant in the birds’ diet.

Craig said: “since we started using Evo and as soon as it was added to the diet, we could see that it calmed the birds down.”





We have a strict biosecurity protocol that all our delivery drivers and Tropper operators follow. For our Troppers this includes spraying wheels and wheel arches on arrival and departure, wearing correct, clean PPE, and following a detailed procedure to the mixing process.

Find out how we can help you maintain performance during the housing order:

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