Reduce cost and improve performance

16 Feb 2021

Reduce feed costs

With some cereal prices currently proving to be extremely cost effective options, our poultry feed prices are extremely competitive.


Improved performance

Recent customer results of birds fed on Tropper mixed diets:

Eggs/bird: 362 to 74 weeks of age.


Option to use own raw materials

The flexibility of the Tropper system means that rations can be designed using home grown or locally sourced raw materials, selected for:

  • cost
  • specification
  • availability

Bespoke rations

The Tropper system also allows for rations to be tailored according to the exact requirements of your birds, with diets phased to minimise fluctuations in performance.

Improved gut health

Tropper mixed diets are created at an optimum grist size and structure to improve gut health and reduce stress.


Reduced environmental impact

Tropper rations using home grown or locally sourced grain reduces your carbon footprint.

Find out more

Please get in touch to find out how you can reduce cost and improve performance with Harbro:

  • Doug Steele - Scotland: 07775 724766
  • Lee Thompson - Midlands/East Anglia/South England: 07990 241372
  • Sam Parker - England: 07384 254115

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