Raising yields on farm with our DairyPlus range

In the autumn of 2023, we launched DairyPlus, our range of dairy compounds, blends and meals. With thoughts now turning to spring, and turnout on the horizon for many farms, we’ll soon be adding to the range with some seasonal compounds for grazing animals.

David MacKenzie, our ruminant director commented on the success of the range and how it’s been received on farm: “as a company we have continued to invest into our infrastructure to support Scottish agricultural and in particular our dairy offering.  Our dairy range is gaining the predicted output in the parlour with performance meeting the expectations of leading Scottish dairy farmers. “

Caitlin Palmer, our dairy technical nutritionist was part of the team that formulated the range of feeds and is delighted to see it performing so well on farm; “DairyPlus was our first range of products to be formulated with our dynamic rationing programme, NutriONics, and designed to complement Scottish forages. It works by taking into account how individual components perform once eaten by the cow and how they interact with each other. This is a much more accurate and precise method of rationing and ensures that nutritional requirements are met efficiently and that nutrients are not wasted.”

She continued, “The programme and the feeds themselves have been through a rigorous R&D process and although we were confident that they would deliver, it’s really rewarding to hear positive feedback from our customers and to see them performing so well. The range includes options for every dairy system, with compounds for robots, as well as high starch, fibre and protein options. We can also create bespoke blends and meals to suit a farms’ raw materials and production requirements; these can include our Maxammon cereals, our sustainable grain treatment proven to improve feed efficiency by +5%. New to the summer season are some grazing products, formulated again using NutriONics (see page x or speak to your Dairy Specialist for more information.)


Improved milk yield and health at Woodhousehill

Andrew Millar at Woodhousehill Farm, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Lockerbie runs a herd of 125 cows, currently milking 110. The herd, whose milk is sold to Arla on a liquid contract – is predominantly Holstein Friesian, with a mixture of homebred and bought in cows and heifers.

Significant investment in the business was made over 2021-2022 when a 120 cubicle shed and slurry lagoon were built on a greenfield site. Two Lely A5 robot milking machines were installed and with provision for the future, a base was built for a third robot. The shed includes a calving box and a bedded area for newly calved cows and any lame cows. The new set up was fully operational in May 2022.

“We had been using feeds from another supplier and over the summer of 2022, the cows hadn’t been milking well, had digestive upsets and were just not looking well. No solution had worked for us.” says Andrew. Andrew has known our ruminant sales development manager, Stuart Cameron for years and gave him the opportunity to look at the herd and their diet.  Stuart formulated a new diet with our NutriONics rationing programme, having analysed the farm’s silage and looking to effectively meet the requirements of their milk contract.

DairyPlus Robot 18 nuts are fed through the robot and these are formulated to ensure a high amount of good quality energy is available for milk production and this also promotes milk protein production. Cows are fed a PMR (partial mixed ration) of grass silage, Maxammon barley, Maxammon wheat, Ultimate 35 blend, SuperMol molasses, Invergold moist grains, Grampian Maxammon minerals and Glucose Aid from a mixer wagon at the feed rail. Alkacid has also been used to minimise the risk of acidosis. The issue of digestive upsets is now minimal, whereas previously a cow or heifer would have been treated weekly.

“The first cut had been silage high in lactic acid and that was causing a lot of problems. The silage inclusion was reduced and the addition of Invergold moist grains has provided a ration that is a bit kinder to the stomach.” says Andrew. “With the cows in better health, they are better able to deliver milk and realise their potential.” says Stuart. “We have now introduced fourth cut silage and with that, further reduced the lactic acid issue.”

Stuart meets regularly with Andrew and John Alexander from Ark Vets to monitor the health and performance of the herd. Stuart commented “with the cows in better health, they are better able to deliver milk and realise their potential.”

Andrew’s cows are now up to 33 litres, from 27-28 litres in the summer.

“Our protein is at 3.2% and butterfat at 3.8%. Butterfat had been at 4.3-4.4%, however we are getting much more milk.” says Andrew.

“Stuart has helped turn things around, the cows are looking better and they are milking well.” commented Andrew.


DairyPlus compounds for the summer season

We’ve updated our range for the summer, which includes grazing compounds. Some of our grazing compounds and bespoke blends & meals include Syntek, a complex blend of natural plant extracts, essential oils and spices which increases saliva production, therefore increasing buffering action and reducing the risk of acidosis. It also decreases the rumen fermentable protein, and increases the bypass protein, therefore balancing the rumen better while cows are at grass.

Find out more about our DairyPlus range here

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