Poultry Nutritional Solutions

Our Poultry Nutritional Solutions allow you to adopt the most appropriate feeding system for your commercial unit to ensure healthier birds leading to optimum performance and profitability.

We also have a range of poultry products which have been developed for the 'hens at home' keeper, ensuring happy, healthy and productive hens.   


  • Harbro continues to expand poultry business in England

    1 Sep 2023

        Following expansion to its monogastric business earlier in the year, livestock feed manufacturer, Harbro has announced another two new additions to its poultry team, James Tilley and James Gi...

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Our Complete Home-Mixing Package

Providing a home-mixing service throughout the UK, we offer an on-farm mobile milling and mixing, a service that is convenient, flexible and efficient. Home-mixing allows you to utilise home grown cereals, pulses and straw but most importantly, helps to reduce the cost of rations for your stock. 

Using home grown ingredients also means that the feeds are fully traceable and can be developed to a producer's specific requirements. Our home-mixing service is supported by expert nutritionists, using raw material analysis, they work with customers to formulate custom rations designed to promote optimum performance. 

The Tropper 

Harbro was one of the first UK companies to introduce a Tropper to its fleet of home mixing vehicles. 

The Tropper is designed specifically for the manufacture of pig and poultry feeds. 

The unique out loading system reduces separation, producing feed with consistent grist and structure. 

  • Two approaches to grinding, hammer and roller milling - to produce variable grist sizes to suit on-farm preferences for freedom of flow, gut health and feed conversion efficiency.
  • Accuracy of weighing and mixing - to within 2kg in a total mix size i.e. 4 to 6 tonnes.
  • Minimal carryover from mix to mix - due to pneumatic conveying and short distance transport from hand-tip point to mixer. 
  • Wide range of raw material handling and processing - grains, pulses, mineral granules and pelleted feed materials, as well as meals, can be accommodated.
  • Unique, under-pressure, mixer emptying - reduces particle separation without slowing down discharge. 
  • Ease of diet formula adjustment to accommodate ration refinement - easy to include additives to assist with health. 
  • Stresses/demands of feed production and administration of home-mixing are taken on by the machine operator with little requirement for direct farmer/producer involvement.