An energy dense nut suitable for creep feeding calves and growing them cost effectively through their first winter alongside forage, due to the high feed conversion ratio expected. 

Key features & benefits

RumiTech helps improve feed conversion. 

Alkacid, our unique rumen buffer neutralises rumen acids, stimulates saliva production and slows down starch digestion. 

Yea-Sacc enhances rumen function 

Improves daily liveweight gain and feed conversion ratio 

Increases frame growth 

Reduces cost/kg gain 

Reduced risk of acidosis and increased rumen function 

Feeding guidelines

Animals must be introduced to this feed gradually to reduce the risk of acidosis.  

As a creep feed can be built up to ad-lib. 

For growing cattle feed at 1kg per 100kg bodyweight as a guide alongside forage. 

Can be used to transition animals onto ad-lib cereal diets.  

  • Bulk
  • Totes
  • 25kg bags

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