Energyze Cattle Feed Bucket

Energyze Cattle Feed Bucket

Full complement of minerals and vitamins, paired with high energy and 15% protein to maximise rumen function and increase forage intake and utilisation to increase animal performance. 

Suitable for any class of cattle that require an extra boost of energy and protein such as growing and finishing cattle and bulling heifers. 

Contains copper. Do not feed to sheep 

Key features & benefits

Active-S – Improves rumen function and balances forage deficiencies  

Omega 3 – Improves performance, overall health and productivity  

Cu-Tek – Improves fertility, health and immunity 

Feeding guidelines

Calves 50-200g/day 

Cattle 200-500g/day 

10-12 cattle per bucket 

  • 25kg bucket
  • 100kg bucket

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