Essential nutrition pre-lambing

With the increased rainfall we’ve seen in the past few months, and with grass deteriorating, ewes will be losing body condition quicker than usual because of the recent wet weather.

As we approach lambing, and particularly In the last 6 weeks of gestation, nutrition is essential for the following reasons:

  • 70% lamb growth happens including organ development – the lungs are one of the last to be developed
  • Future embryos develop in unborn lambs – important if we’re keeping our own replacements and will influence how many lambs we have in 2-3 years time
  • The rumen is constricted in late pregnancy, this means her feed needs to be more nutrient dense
  • Her energy and protein demands go up as there are lots of demands on the ewe

Leaving her to eat just grass isn’t enough, and she hasn’t got enough room to eat enough grass to meet her energy requirements.

If her nutritional demands aren’t met, she can end up in a negative energy balance, and will then mobilise back fat, leaving her at the risk of twin lamb disease if this happens too quickly.

Making sure her diet is balanced and energy dense is essential.

We have ewe feeds and buckets that help provide ewes with the essential support they need at lambing.

Premium Ewe 18 and Energyze Vitality will help to:

  • Reduce the risk of twin lamb disease
  • Enhance colostrum quality
  • Boost lamb vitality and viability

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