• Get back to black quicker

    28 Mar 2022

    There is no doubt that the pig industry is going through one of the longest, most sustained periods of turmoil, with market forces battering producers from all angles. While there is no magic wand, there are simple measures that can be taken to help producers minimise losses, so that when the market picks up, we can get out of the red much sooner. FCR improvement of just 0.1 = saving of £16...

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  • PIG - Creep Feeding - Importance of the First Seven Days of Life

    18 Mar 2022

    The importance of how we treat the pig in the first seven days post weaning is often underestimated. This is one of the most traumatic times in a young pig’s life. Up until this point, the piglet has lived exclusively within a small group of around 10 to 14, fed on mother’s milk and hopefully has had provided to it a quantity of quality creep feed. Weaning day brings about many changes includ...

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  • Reduce feed costs with the Harbro Tropper

    21 Feb 2022

    Home mix with the Harbro Tropper: Finisher 1 ration: £301/tonne* Finisher 2 ration: £286/tonne*   *Prices correct at 18 Feb 2022. Based on min order 30tonnes/week. Not including mixing. Tailored rations Our tailored rations mixed with our Tropper are designed for the specific requirements of each shed, maximising feed efficiency and reducing cost/kg gain.   Improved performance The t...

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  • Optimising performance from growing litters

    17 Dec 2021

    by Lee Thompson, Harbro pig specialist Drive for sow prolificacy In the last 10 years across the UK pig industry there has been a drive for an increase in sow prolificacy and we have seen the average pigs weaned per sow per year rise by 4 in the last 5 years. It is now common to see more piglets born alive than teats available on the sow, and this has led to a requirement for supplementary fe...

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  • Reduce your cost per kilo gain

    2 Dec 2021

    Reduce your cost/kg With raw material costs continuing to rise, it is crucial that the whole enterprise is focussed on feed efficiency. Reduce feed wastage With margins for many producers currently negative, and every kilo of feed wasted on the floor costing at least 30pence, reducing/eliminating feed waste should be an absolute focus. Tailored rations - £20/tonne cheaper than compound....

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