• Save £20/tonne with the Harbro Tropper

    4 Oct 2021

        Investment in times of negative cash flow can be hard to justify but if investment in infrastructure costs £5/tonne but saves £20/tonne* – even when cash flow and profitability are compromised, the return on investment is hard to challenge. We’ve worked with many of our current customers that use our Tropper service to help them with the logistics and investment process of moving to mobi...

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  • Excess pig crisis

    21 Sep 2021

      by Iain Lyle, Pig technical nutritionist   There is no simple solution to the situation we’re currently seeing in the pig industry with finished pigs backing up on farm. Our experience of working with leading producers in this situation means that there are strategies that can be deployed to help. Wherever possible, planning ahead and trying to anticipate market demand can reduce some of...

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  • Reduce cost and improve performance

    3 Feb 2021

    Reduce feed costs With some cereal prices currently proving to be extremely cost effective options, our pig feed prices are approximately £40/tonne cheaper* than compounds of a similar spec. Improved performance Recent customer results of pigs fed on Tropper mixed diets: Tropper fed pigs   Growth rate 1030g/day FCR 2.39   Option to use own raw materials The fle...

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  • Market conditions provide opportunities for pig producers to save money on feed

    11 Jun 2020

    by Dave Stephenson, head of Pig and Poultry At Harbro, our trading department are continually watching the markets to ensure the best quality products are sourced at the best price for the high performance tailored rations we design for our customers. Currently, rye and barley provide cost effective options, especially compared to wheat. Currently, UK barley is trading at £30+below wheat an...

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  • Harbro Index of Pig Performance (HIPP) allows producers to benchmark their performance and improve efficiency

    26 Feb 2020

    Although the UK pig industry is renowned for its use of data in striving for improvements in performance and efficiency, for some producers the amount of data can seem quite overbearing. The broiler sector widely use the European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) formula to assess efficiency but for pigs there is not an equivalent industry standard. Working in partnership with pig producers...

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