• Mitigating heat stress in summer months

    25 Jul 2023

    Heat stress, often exacerbated in the hot summer months can lead to a fall in production, dehydration & if left unmanaged, ultimately death. To help mitigate against heat stress the following key points should be followed: Water Water must be clean and plentiful. Check both: Water pressure Water flow rates   For outdoor pigs create wallows. For indoor animals, consider intall...

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  • The importance of feed hygiene to maintain pig performance

    18 Jul 2023

    Dr Allison Elliott, Harbro monogastric nutritionist  There are many drivers of efficiency in our industry, from continued genetic advancements improving both prolificacy and performance, to a range of external market pressures pushing producers to focus on achieving more from less. One barrier to achieving efficient production comes from the ongoing bacterial and viral challenges experience...

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  • The end is always dictated by the start

    17 May 2023

    By Iain Lyle, Harbro monogastric technical support manager The trend within the pig industry for high prolificacy has been widely documented and reported across the globe. Even within our own data we can see an increase in total born / litter of around 30% in a typical indoor herd (chart 1.) This increase in prolificacy has driven the requirement to ensure that nutrition is right at key time...

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  • 0.1 FCR improvement =£63k additional margin

    8 Dec 2022

    Syntek is a blend of essential oil and spice extracts. It increases digestive secretions and gastric mobility, improving nutrient bioavailability and absorption, which enhances well being and performance. It can easily be added to existing home mixed/bought in rations. Syntek: Improves gut health Increases weight gain Improves feed efficiency Reduces mortality   Trial results feedi...

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  • Get back to black quicker

    28 Mar 2022

    There is no doubt that the pig industry is going through one of the longest, most sustained periods of turmoil, with market forces battering producers from all angles. While there is no magic wand, there are simple measures that can be taken to help producers minimise losses, so that when the market picks up, we can get out of the red much sooner. FCR improvement of just 0.1 = saving of £90...

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