A high quality feed to promote frame growth of young calves, through to the finishing stage in a cost effective way. Available as nuts or rolls, to suit management systems. 

Key features & benefits

Includes RumiTech our unique additive that improves feed conversion and reduces methane emissions 

Includes Alkacid, our unique rumen buffer that neutralises rumen acids, stimulates saliva production and slows down starch digestion. 

Improves daily liveweight gain and feed conversion ratio 

Increases frame growth 

Reduces cost/kg gain

Reduced risk of acidosis and increased rumen function 

Feeding guidelines

Feed at 1kg per 100kg bodyweight as a guide

Should be fed alongside water and a source of forage

Can be used to transition animals onto ad-lib cereal diets

Animals must be introduced to this feed gradually to reduce the risk of acidosis

Rolls can be fed on the ground as a management tool 

  • Bulk
  • Totes
  • 25kg bags

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