Miserden Texels – producing quality Texel shearling rams and ram lambs

26 Nov 2019

Well respected and successful Texel breeders, Sue and Aubrey Andrews from Miserden Texels in Stroud, Gloucester were the lucky winners of a tote of Maxammon Clover Kelso Tup & Lamb from one of our show competitions back in the summer.

They produce top quality Texel shearling rams and ram lambs for commercial farmers with the aim to produce rams with good growth rate, excellent conformation and a high percentage of muscle. 

Pictured here is Aubrey feeding the nut to their pedigree Texel and Blue Texels that will be taken on to shearlings which will be seen at the major sales next year.  Sue told us that the lambs were "definitely enjoying the feed and that she hoped it was helping them to grow into champions."

Max Clover Tup & Lamb is the flagship product of our Clover range of sheep feed developed in partnership with the pedigree sheep world. The range has been used to feed champions from across the major breeds for the past 30 years.

Max Clover Kelso Tup & Lamb is a highly palatable feed ideal for feeding to breeding lambs and shearlings on the lead up to sale day:

  • The product contains Maxammon treated cereal, an alkaline grain treatment which stabilises rumen pH, allowing higher levels of starch to be fed.
  • Quality protein sources have been used to optimise muscle growth.
  • The ‘rumen friendly’ nut is created from coarsely ground ingredients meaning it is more slowly digested in the gut, resulting in less risk of acidosis.
  • Evo is included which is proven to reduce stress and increase appetite, both incredibly important factors on the run up to sales.
  • Yea-Sacc yeast in the formulation improves rumen efficiency and increases fibre digestion, ensuring tups make the most out of the feed provided.


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