Maxammon Kelso Tup & Lamb

22 Jun 2021

Feeding for Success

Developed alongside the best producers in the pedigree world, find out how you can feed for success with Maxammon Kelso Tup & Lamb.

Our highly palatable 16% nut meets the needs of high quality lambs, shearlings and gimmers and maximises the performance of both pedigree and commercial stock. 

  • Maxammon improves rumen function, rumen health and animal performance
  • Rumitech has many benefits including increasing loin eye-muscle growth and increasing feed conversion
  • Rumi Defence helps develop stronger, more resilient animals
  • Sel-plex and Omega 3 oils promote health, immunity and fertility
  • Adds condition and bloom ahead of shows and sales.

Available as bulk or totes.

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