Pre-tupping advice

8 Oct 2020

With tup sales in full swing and tupping about to get under way, our Beef & Sheep Specialist Jordan Aitken recommends Feet & Fertility is on your shopping list.

There is plenty grass around just now and supplementing with our Feet & Fertility bucket will boost ewe health and fertility and help increase scanning percentage. The ewes and tups will only take 25-50g per head per day, so this is a really cost effective way to improve your flock productivity.


Other things to consider alongside feeding Feet & Fertility this tupping time:

  • Lowland ewes should have a body condition score of 3-3.5 and hill ewes around 3. A rising plane of nutrition will help ovulation (but be careful not to ‘flush’ ewes which are already very prolific!)
  • Check tups are in a good working order. Testicles, mouths, feet and a body condition score of 3.5-4 are important at the start of tupping
  • Aim for a tup to ewes ratio of 30:1 or less, to tighten up tupping
  • Use raddle maker to ensure the tup is mounting ewes and to aid lambing time management

Introduce Feet & Fertility to ewes and tups from 6 weeks pre-tupping right through the season to maximise the productivity of your flock. Get in touch to find out more.


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