Stockman's Choice

15 May 2020

Feeding for Success – The new Stockman’s Choice range from Harbro

We are delighted to have launched our new pedigree cattle range on 1 May, 2020, Stockman’s Choice. The range is the next generation in pedigree feeds and has been developed combining years of experience in the pedigree world with the latest technology and innovation. It will replace our existing pedigree cattle range and offers competitively priced high quality products, designed to ensure high genetic merit cattle reach their potential.

Our Beef and Sheep Director, David MacKenzie commented “As a business we’ve always placed great value on the role of R&D to ensure we’re offering our customers the best possible solutions and advice. In developing Stockman’s Choice we’ve teamed up with many of our leading pedigree producers as well as nutritional partners, including Glasgow Vet School to create a range we believe will help our customers with all breeds and systems to perform to the best of their genetic potential.”

“We’ve taken a holistic view to the performance and well-being of pedigree stock and wanted to develop a range which not only supports the development of high performance animals but also considers their health, immunity, fertility and longevity. Stockman’s Choice is a new feeding regime designed to implement the genetic improvements made by our world leading producers in to their progeny, for the benefit of the industry.”

Rheinallt Jones, from Glasgow Vet School who is currently working in a residency programme with us commented on the new range: “As an industry, we have a responsibility to ensure breeding animals are well managed and supported nutritionally so that they are fit for purpose and able to pass their genetics into both pedigree and commercial herds. The Stockman’s Choice range is intended to do this at every stage of production.”

Stockman’s Choice has been formulated using a carefully selected range of sustainably sourced, quality raw materials with key additives included to promote feed efficiency, health and performance.

Rumitech is a Carbon Trust assured additive that reduces feed intake whilst at the same time increasing lean tissue growth, including less scrotal fat.  A recent trial completed on young bulls fed Rumitech showed an increase in the eye muscle area while reducing the fat depth by 12% when Rumitech was introduced to the ration.  

With a keen focus on health, the range includes the additive Rumi-Defence which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the very latest development in ruminant nutrition.  This additive enhances immunity and improves the function of vital organs such as the liver, which is undoubtedly under pressure with the levels of performance currently expected of these animals.  

Maxammon has also been included to increase the pH and protein level of the cereal allowing for higher cereal levels to be included more safely and reducing the requirement for additional protein.

The range features products to suit animals at every stage of production with pellets and coarse mix options as well as concentrates, blends, a crunch and mash. Harbro recommends for the best possible results, producers take advantage of the tailored feeding and management advice from their specialist. Our pedigree team is highly experienced and works closely with its customers across the UK from all the major breeds to ensure practical and nutritional advice is given to meet the objectives on-farm.

David commented on the timing of the product launch in the current lockdown situation: “Although the industry will not be able to fully showcase the best of its pedigree stock over the summer months, the market is adapting well and is harnessing the power of technology to ensure some sales and events are still going ahead, albeit online. Similarly, we’ll be looking at creative ways to work virtually with our customers to ensure we’re able to monitor performance in order to offer the best advice to complement feeding.”



Alagils Limousins enjoying their Stockman’s Choice conditioning pellets

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