Rosa Onslow: November 2019

6 Dec 2019

“Thanks to their Harbro feed, the horses look fantastic – absolutely gleaming.”

The preparation for next year’s season is really starting to gather pace. Sunny and Kaiser are both cantering on the hill and are both feeling well. Sunny managed to buck Mum off – nothing nasty (it was the slowest and most elegant dismount I have ever seen) – and he was so shocked at what he had done, he just looked at her as if saying ‘sorry’. I think he was worried he wasn’t going to get his Harbro Conditioning Cubes for his supper. Disaster for him! I don’t think he will do it again.

We had a freeze up towards the end of the month. We live at 950 feet and so if it is cold in Hawick, it is positively ice station zebra at home. It makes it very difficult to get the work into them, but we keep harrowing the arena, and that seems to do the trick.

We start to go show jumping later on this month, and so I will report back. It is always rather nerve racking when you have the first jump of the new season, but they have never disappointed before, and so hopefully they won’t this time. I think I am more worried about it than they are.

Thanks to Harbro, the horses look fantastic – absolutely gleaming. If you’re reading this, you really ought to try their horse feed.


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