Harbro Horse Ambassador, Rosa Onslow, December 2020

11 Dec 2020

We have all come down to earth now after our trip to Pau CCI 5*, and the horses are having their well-earned holiday. There is no doubt that a long format course at the top level does take it out of them even though they remain perky on the surface. Sunny and Kaiser are enjoying gazing across their Border hills into the distance. It does their brains so much good.

One thing that hasn’t change is their enthusiasm for their food. They come into their stables from the field at about 2pm and are fed at 4pm. They can see the feed bins across the passage and their eyes are locked onto them in anticipation of their Harbro Conditioning Cubes and chaff. They absolutely love it.

I am going to go quiet now for a couple of months as there will be nothing to report until we start to bring the horses up again. I hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a good New Year.

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