Beef Nutritional Solutions

From calving through to finishing, we offer a comprehensive nutritional package that assesses the whole of your herd and aims to maximise fertility, growth rates and carcass composition, whilst ensuring effective feed conversion that is based on achieving the maximum return on investment.


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Beef Nutritional Solutions

  • Rumen Friendly Package

    Exclusive to Harbro our Rumen Friendly Package has been created to help resolve issues created by caecal and rumen acidosis threat. 

    Our Beef Specialist use a five pronged approach to assess the current situation on farm:-

    On-farm audit including current feeding regimes, acidosis incidents, management and other health issue.

    pH raw material and forage analysis 

    Dung texture testing 

    Grist profiling 

    Mixing times 

    Information collated from this process then helps our Beef Specialists recommend the most appropriate product(s) from our range designed to promote rumen health and reduce acidosis risk. 

  • On Farm Milling and Mixing

    For farmers utilising home grown cereals we offer a complete on-farm milling and mixing including Maxammon processing, ammonia straw treatment and straw processing. Throughout the UK, we offer a service that is convenient, flexible and efficient.

    Depending on your requirements we have different vehicles available including Super Bruisers (30 tonnes/hour output)  and Feedmobiles (10 tonnes/hour output). 

    Using home grown ingredients also means that the feeds are fully traceable and can be developed to specific requirements. Customers can also choose to enhance rations with our range of unique feed additives, supplements and concentrates.

  • Ammonia Straw Treatment

    Incorporating straw into feed rations is an excellent way of creating a healthy stable rumen environment. However, in it's natural state straw is relatively unpalatable and indigestible to ruminants.

    Our treatment service uses liquid ammonia to break down the bond between the lignin and cellulose, thereby increasing the available energy and digestibility of straw:-

    Improves palatability and therefore increases intake

    Improves energy value of straw

    Improves crude protein of straw by providing a source of nitrogen

    Ask your Harbro Beef Specialist for more details or complete our online enquiry form.

Take a Good Honest Look at Cow Performance

Whatever the system, calving time demands an increased level of care and attention, so much so, that for some it becomes a labour of love. However, a task done for pleasure, with no financial reward cannot sustain farming families and staff in the long term.

Where people have sought improvement, with effor t, they have usually got improvement. The starting point is to have a good honest look at cow performance, an area Harbro discuss increasingly with customers.

We all have a job to do, but to consider a suckler cow system simplistically; ‘look after the cows and they will look after the calves’. That is the attitude taken by Harbro’s Orkney sales specialist, Colin Thomson, when advising customers around the Orkney Isles.

Super Suckler leading the way

On Colin’s advice, Luke Rendall, Lochside Farm, Westray, started using Super Suckler SEC for his herd of 80 continental suckler
cows after a spell of vitamin E deficiency in calves. On Luke’s farm this has eliminated the need for using an injectable as a fire brigade response to ailing calves, which was too often, too late. The problem was solved, not solely by the vitamin E level in Super Suckler but Sel-Plex the unique form of selenium that is shown to increase cow blood selenium levels. Adequate selenium, in the cow and calf, reduces the drain on vitamin E as an antioxidant, and so the positive effect is seen.

Fellow Westray farmers Allan and Thomas Pottinger of Tuquoy, are seeing the benefits of Super Suckler in calf vigour and cow health, with calves suckling and cows cleansing in a shorter period of time, with little, if any, intervention required for his 180 continental cows.

Super Suckler can be used pre and post calving, an approach taken by long standing Harbro customer John Gordon of Wellheads, Huntly. ‘We use Super Suckler SEC for the whole herd in both the powdered and bucket form. Newly born calves are quicker onto their feet and we also find that calves are born with great vigour and have the willingness to suck, this is key for us, as calving is at a busy time of year. We rarely have to assist with any pre or post calving issues.’ comments John.

A good start for both, means the cow can get on with the next job, resuming the oestrus cycle and getting back in calf. Cu-tek and Zn-tek, are protected forms of copper and zinc respectively, which avoid the antagonistic effect of elements such as iron and molybdenum commonly high in forages. These features with the aforementioned selenium boost and the added bucket benefit of Omega 3 oils is benefitting Calum Keir from Cairncoullie, Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire. Calum, like many other farmers the length of the country are increasing fertility and reducing the calving period of their herds.

‘We use Super Suckler to balance shortfalls in local trace element deficiencies which ensure we have productive cows and healthy new born calves that are able to reach their potential. Powder is fed inside, through a TMR and mineral buckets are fed outside which covers both spring and autumn calving, providing pre and post calving minerals. Since feeding Super Suckler conception rate in the first cycle has increased.’ comments Calum.

So, whatever the scale, system or stock a suckler cow has three roles: to successfully calve, get back in calf and rear a calf. We just have to enable her do that.

  • Energyze Easy Calver

    Energyze feed buckets are created from a carefully formulated blend of sugar cane molasses and quality proteins. Fortified through the inclusion of key minerals, trace elements and vitamins, they provide a palatable source of essential nutrients and a boost of instant energy in convenient molassed lick.

    For pre-calving/dry cow:-

    • Reduced calving problems
    • Enhanced calf vitality, thriftiness and survival 
    • Enhanced cow fertility, colostrum quality and milk production 
  • Grampian Super Suckler SEC

    Using the latest nutritional advances our team of nutritionists have developed Super Suckler, which has been formulated for pre and post calving with three core objectives to help improve the performance of the suckler herd:-

    • Maximise health and fertility
    • Boost calf vitality
    • Help to prevent grass staggers

    Available as powdered mineral or bucket

    Grampian Super Suckler - MORE INFORMATION