Beef Nutritional Solutions

From calving through to finishing, we offer a comprehensive nutritional package that assesses the whole of your herd and aims to maximise fertility, growth rates and carcass composition, whilst ensuring effective feed conversion that is based on achieving the maximum return on investment.

We offer a full range of beef feeds including compounds, concentrates, blends and minerals. 


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Beef Nutritional Solutions

  • Maxammon

    Maxammon is a flexible feeding system which enhances the nutritional value of grain leading to a high protein, high pH feed for improved animal performance.

    Maxammon can be added to the diet in a number of ways:-

    Treating grain at harvest time on farm – maize, wheat, barley and oats

    Treating dried or store grain on farm throughout the year

    Using Maxammon treated grain prepared industrially

    Using blended feeds or compounds incorporating Maxammon treated grain

    Harbro also offers a complete on-farm service which includes a professional and accurate processing of Maxammon.


  • Rumitech

    Rumitech is a unique feed additive that encourages a more efficient rumen environment, making more energy available by reducing methane emissions and improving rumen function.

    Since the launch of Rumitech in 2012, a number of farmers, including one of Scotland's leading beef finishers have been trialling the product and have seen some excellent results; in particular it is making significant improvements to feed efficiency and killing out percentages:

    10% improvement on feed efficiency

    25% less methane – more energy absorbed from each kg of feed

    Improved grading and killing out percentages

    5% reduced cost/kg gain


    Click here to find out about Carbon Trust assurance for Rumitech


  • On Farm Mobile Milling and Mixing

    For farmers utilising home grown cereals we offer a complete on-farm mobile milling and mixing including Maxammon processing, ammonia straw treatment and straw processing. Throughout the UK, we offer a service that is convenient, flexible and efficient.

    Depending on your requirements we have different vehicles available including Super Bruisers (30 tonnes/hour output)  and Feedmobiles (10 tonnes/hour output). 

    Using home grown ingredients also means that the feeds are fully traceable and can be developed to specific requirements. Customers can also choose to enhance rations with our range of unique feed additives, supplements and concentrates.

    Click here to find out how to best utilise your cereals to maximise performance:

Rumitech proves its worth at Bassendean

George and James McDougal from Bassendean Farm near Gordon had heard a lot about Rumitech and were keen to find out what it could do for their business.

Rumitech is a unique additive that has been assured by The Carbon Trust to reduce methane emissions. By producing less methane, more energy is available to the animal, increasing feed efficiency which results in reduced feed intakes, increased feed conversion ratio and increased performance.

At the end of last year, Murray Smith from Harbro helped the McDougals set up an on-farm comparison to compare their current growing diet against the same diet with the addition of Harbro’s feed additive Rumitech. The diets were fed to the weaned spring born calves throughout the winter. The diet included home grown grass silage and bruised barley.


The following results were recorded:


10% increase

Feed conversion ratio

9% increase

Cost/kg liveweight gain

5% decrease


This improvement in performance meant the McDougal’s margin over feed cost has been increased by 5p/kilo liveweight gained. Over the course of the winter this is worth an additional £10/animal.

The McDougals commented:

“We are delighted with the results we saw when adding Rumitech minerals to our growing cattle diet and we’ll certainly be feeding them from now on. Small gains have a big impact when we add them up across all our animals. We’re continually looking for ways to improve our cattle and to fine tune our diet. Working with Harbro allows us to do this.”

The Carbon Trust states in its opinion that correct use of Rumitech can reduce methane emissions in dairy, beef cattle and sheep. 


  • Energyze Easy Calver

    Energyze feed buckets are created from a carefully formulated blend of sugar cane molasses and quality proteins. Fortified through the inclusion of key minerals, trace elements and vitamins, they provide a palatable source of essential nutrients and a boost of instant energy in convenient molassed lick.

    For pre-calving/dry cow:-

    • Reduced calving problems
    • Enhanced calf vitality, thriftiness and survival 
    • Enhanced cow fertility, colostrum quality and milk production 
  • Grampian Super Suckler SEC

    Using the latest nutritional advances our team of nutritionists have developed Super Suckler, which has been formulated for pre and post calving with three core objectives to help improve the performance of the suckler herd:-

    • Maximise health and fertility
    • Boost calf vitality
    • Help to prevent grass staggers

    Available as powdered mineral or bucket