GrassWatch 29 June 2020

2 Jul 2020

Wendy Hutton, one of our dairy specialists gives us an insight into current grass performance (29 June)

The eagerly awaited rain over the last two weeks and the continuation of high temperatures has seen an increase of grass growth.  From its lowest point of approx. 40kg DM/ha/day the two weeks following has seen the results of an average growth increase to 64kg DM/ha/day.  Scotland has seen an increase of 8kg DM/ha/day on the week recording a grass growth of 67kg DM/ha/day.  With more warm weather and showers expected for most in the week ahead grass growth is expected to at least maintain or perhaps increase.  As always with grass flushes, this may bring about a heightened risk of grass staggers, more specific for beef cattle, but the additional supply of mineral buckets at this point would reduce the occurrence.  It will also be critical to monitor sward heights to ensure optimal covers are maintained.

As the grass have been growing the potential grass fresh weight intake has increased from 60.7kg to 67.7kg/day.  However the potential dry matter intake of this grass has dropped slightly from 12.0 kg to 11.6 kg/DM/day.  Access to additional buffer feeding will help minimise the reduction of milk yield, milk protein and butterfat levels. 

Harbro grazing compound range

The dairy compounds in our Harbro grazing compound range – SupaGrass 15 Nuts, MaxGrass 16 Nuts and MegaGrass 17 Nuts, all contain high quality bypass proteins which supports efficient milk production.

Additionally our new compound for 2020 GoldenGrass 16 Nuts includes C16 protected fats to assist with maximising butterfat production for grazed and semi housed herds.

Watch this video to show you how you can accurately measure grass:

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