Maxammon wholecrop success at Hillhead

27 Jun 2023

Willie Fleming milks 320 cows at Hillhead, Kirkpatrick Fleming, just a few miles north of the border.

The high yielding herd are milked with a robotic system that was installed five years ago and the business has since also invested in genetics, with an emphasis on udder traits to maximise potential from the robots.

Willie has been treating his wholecrop with our Maxammon grain treatment for a number of years. In 2022 he treated 100 acres of spring barley and winter wheat with Maxammon, and said "the quality of the finished feed was great, much better than ordinary wholecrop, and the higher pH and buffering action of the product really worked well with my high yielders, helping to protect them against the risk of acidosis."

About Maxammon

Maxammon is a tried and tested soya free grain treatment process which results in the following benefits:

  • Improved protein of cereal, reducing bought in protein costs
  • Better DLWG, animals finish faster and heavier
  • Improved milk production and fertility
  • Improved total diet digestibility +5%
  • Reduced acidosis risk
  • Maximised profit

The benefits of Maxammon treating wholecrop

Maxammon treating wholecrop is a great way to enhance the digestibility of the crop while also increasing the dietary protein, reducing the need for additional bought-in protein. The cows receive the rumen efficiency benefits of Maxammon as well as being able to gain more energy from the fibre component of wholecrop.


Find out how to introduce Maxammon to your system:

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